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Our Mission

We're Driven by Sustainability

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our planet. That’s why at DonkeyJobs sustainability is our central pillar. We use electric bikes where possible to transport ourselves and our kit around South London. This means less congestion and less carbon emissions for everyone! We really believe that electric is the future and want to stay at the front of this curve. Look out for us cycling through your streets on our Van Moof's or our electric cargo trikes to the next job!

Furthermore, since clearing our first garden in January 2021 we have exclusively used Makita battery powered tools to carry out our services. This results in a fraction of the emissions and a dramatically reduced carbon footprint for the company.

Our Story

Friends and Founders

Having all met at school at age 13, we have been friends for over a decade. After finishing university we all wanted to try and start a company of our own. The only issue was we had no money. Being physically fit and not afraid to get a bit dirty we decided that we could clean people's wheelie bins and see if we could make a bit of money.

While I can't honestly say any of us were passionate about cleaning bins, this experience opened our eyes to all sorts of jobs that can be done around the house. At this point we decided to start DonkeyJobs, a business that we are constantly improving and expanding to provide the best possible service for our customers!

Working for DonkeyJobs

We Only Pick the Best

All our employees are hand picked based on their skills, experience and customer interactions. All of our staff are very friendly and always equipped with the knowledge and tools to get the job done.

If you are looking to join the team please get in touch with us through the contact page!

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